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Static Website Designing ?

The latest spark in town is to create virtual identity; for people, places, organizations or institutions. People are coming up with web pages and sites for multifunction. In this era of internet, where most things are available online, it becomes more important to have an identity on the web. We expertise in this act of art to create and design websites. We function to different needs based on your preference.

Look and Feel

The way the web page or the web site looks must reflect the cause that it function for. The look of the website must be firmly represented in its online representation. A static web page for realty should have a user friendly look to it while one made for a club should have that element of zing. Various things like images, background and type fonts can be played around with to give it the desired effect.

Smooth Navigation

The web layout should be such that it stimulates smooth navigation. The links and hyperlinks should be placed strategically so that anyone viewing the website is not confused in any manner. Important information should be ideally located on the page and not somewhere further down. Also the web page should not be cluttered with images of hyperlinks so that the viewer cannot decide where to head from the page.

Fresh Style

In a world filled with websites dedicated to various institutions and causes it becomes important to come up with a fresh idea. Also since a static web page cannot have a lot of function, it needs to have a very fresh outlook and way of presentation so that it captures attention of people. Thus the layout should be simple yet interesting.

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